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Whovian Writing Endeavors

This is a quick blurb link to my bio and story listing.

I’ve started my own little Whovian Alternate Universe over there, affectionately called the “Rose River AU”. Check link at the top.
It diverges at the tail end of ‘Journey’s End’: Rose and the Clone Doctor told the actual Doctor to stuff it, said bye to Jackie, then hotfooted it back into the TARDIS. Idea for that came from Mayet. I’m running this idea through the 2009 specials.

The Basis for it is that the Doctor is no longer alone, is married, and has a brother. (There’s more to it, but you’ll see a more descriptive explanation at my bio over there.)


Also wrote a multiple Doctor story, as a possible 2013 anniversary, and a bug in the Beeb’s ear… called ‘Two and a Half Doctors‘.
I made a Promo Video for the story as well, that seems to have had some rather favorable reviews on its own.



At this point in my way of thinking, the BBC went and Jumped the Bloody Shark. The only, and I mean ONLY story that even graces my 1 to 10 scale at all with the Eleventh Doctor is two part Finale. While I like Amy and Rory as characters, I do NOT like what has happened to to the Doctor. Matt Smith is a great actor, but he has been given complete crap to work with, in my mind. While he does have a few good moments, notably when he was on a rant about the Star Whale and his interaction with young Amelia, most of his Doctor’s style leaves much to be desired. Sorry Matt, I like you, but you’ve been given the short end of the stick in my opinion. It’s not your fault.

In addition, the Day Glow Power Ranger Daleks make my brain hurt. You all KNOW that was a marketing ploy for toys.

Major Hatred goes towards the new filming style. I’m not sure what happened, but it looks to me like they’re using different cameras or something. Everything is too clean and crisp. This may be a result of both cameras and set design, but I honestly cannot stand it. Everything isn’t supposed to be nice, shiny, and plastic looking! “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang” got real close to the look it really needs. USE IT!

BTW: Why was that Hoix there? They’re eating machines!

To Moffet: Stick with writing creepy episodes. It’s what you’re best at. I know you love Doctor Who, and you entered the business because of it, but I really really HATE what you’ve done to the series. It’s not just a kids show for the love of Rassilon… all the fans grew up! SHAME ON YOU FOR “GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE”! Adding a love story ON TOP OF a love story was the absolute WORST thing you could have ever done! Rose Fell in Love with Big Ears when she was trapped in that cellar with the gaslight ghosts and zombies. Moron. Big Ears himself did much the same… just in case you DIDN’T NOTICE! I Don’t Care if you don’t like romance in the TARDIS! It was there, you wanker!

To Tennant: SHAME ON YOU FOR LEAVING. Typecasting be damned, you know you loved it. I know your back is all wonky, but they could’ve worked around that. Stage is one thing, and I’m glad you’re still doing it, (Hamlet was brilliant) but you watched the Doctor as a kid and that kid was melting every single time you walked on set. The Fuck were you thinking?

To Piper: SHAME ON YOU FOR LEAVING TO GO PLAY A GODDAMNED HOOKER! “Doomsday” Obliterated Millions of Fans, and it’s All Your Fault! That Secrets Show so beneath you it isn’t even remotely humorous. I tried watching one episode, and I couldn’t stand it. Glad you’re making money and raising a son with £400k a year, but stripping for the camera? Love you to pieces and beyond, but … Just… No. Please, just no! I’m probably one of the few straight men that DOESN’T want to see that. You’re bloody gorgeous, but I just cannot see you in that role without becoming sick to my stomach.

To the BBC: WAKE THE BLOODY FUCK UP! You’ve got a Gold Mine with the Clone Doctor and Rose. Rehire David, Billie, Camille, and Shawn. Pull Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman, and Naoko Mori back in as counterparts for their Torchwood if you really want to get the ratings. Raise their salaries to get them if you have to. Grab and SHOVE that cut scene of the coral gift back in. Call it Meta Who or whatever suits your fancies. Pop the Zeppelins out of the skies if you need to save on the effects. WE WONT CARE! Push it past the 9pm wall so you can hit more drama. Have the first series show how “John Smith” and Rose grow their new TARDIS while having to deal with Torchwood, their fledgling relationship, drama between the Tyler family, and how different that world is. Second Series: A Wind Up to a Wedding, with a name change for “John Smith” to “John Tyler”. And… Do it with Russell at the Helm… PEOPLE WILL WATCH IT AND WORSHIP YOUR FEET FOR THE PRIVILEGE!

*Blows out a breath*
God I feel better
Sorry about that everyone.

David, Billie… I adore both of you more than you could possibly know. You had the best roles you could have ever wanted and you gave them up… for the fear of typecasting, lack of growth, or some other nonsense. Get with Russell… You wont regret it, I promise.

If all of you absolutely will not do that, then Billie… get David to show up on your show. Us fans can pretend, and YouTube can have more fan based videos on how John and Rose finally got together. We’re in millions of pieces over what happened. I know I am, anyway.

Look up “seduff” over at YouTube and you’ll find some spectacular edits on how your characters story moved on. And she’s Australian, for the love of all that’s Holy! You two really don’t know just how many people love and adore you!

All right… enough of that. I’ve wound myself into a tizzy.

I hate being sick

… as in sicky sick

Fluid build up in the sinuses drain down the throat to the stomach, which rebels when there’s too much going into it and urps.

It’s disgusting.

Hospital Scare

This all started with a hack to our bank account.

We had just got money orders for Mom and a loan payoff on Thursday. Friday around 10am, a ‘company’ called “Platinum Service” did a hard bank to bank withdraw from our account, leaving us short for rent on Monday. During our failed attempt to get a refund on one of the money orders, due to Wal-Mart BS, Jules broke out in a sweat while arguing with the manager. When we got back home, she told me that her chest hurt, and it was radiating to her left armpit. This set off alarm bells, but she said she was okay now.

Around 8:30ish Friday night, she started hurting again. I called the insurance 24hr nurse helpline, and he listened to all the symptoms, then told us to get her to the ER. Said to specifically go to the ER door with the caution lights on, and to tell them to get her in a wheelchair.

Well when we got there, while I remembered to do the lights… I could only tell them that she was having a heart attack. They gather her up after I tossed the reception guy the insurance card. Parked the car, and ran back inside like an idiot. (and yes, my hips are thoroughly pissed off at me today.

They had her hooked up to the heart monitor thing, with an oxygen tube thing up her nose by the time I got back. They took blood work and EEG readings, then an X-ray of her chest. Talked with the doc. He was real nice, and I think I was more freaked out than Julie was. It was this point that I went to the car to have my own little breakdown, and called mom.

Mom got me calmed down, and went back inside to wait. They took more blood, which came up negative. Told us to get her an appointment with a cardiologist for a stress test, then let us go home.

All told, she feels sheepish and I hurt like a whipped brat. I’ve got a heat pack around my hips, and she’s currently playing with her beads… making some sort of necklace or something.

I’m pretty emotionally drained.

Listening to: BSG Apocalypse

This was was like a movie, but I was distracted from writing this till now, so the details are fuzzying.

Was part of a vampire clan. Interestingly enough, there was something that was an Opposite to Vampires. No idea what they’re called now, but they ended up having leathery feathered wings and could run around in the daytime. That was a subplot, running from them.

Ransacked this small town. Wild bit was when someone used a salt line mixed with something to create a barrier against us. Walked up to one and flicked the air, making a blue, ripply barrier shimmer then fade back to empty air.

Tahri was in this one. But, sad to say, she was already dead by the time I came across her. Sorry dear. I was evil.

The one that sired me and three others died in a fight, which ended up killing two of us.

The main plot was my “girlfriend” getting me back from the clan. Kept calling her ‘my girl’ and shit. She even went so far as to join those opposite vampire things. I didn’t know this till her winged “father” told me to come to a location under a flag of truce.

Got there and she and I talked. Those bits are gone from my memory, but she was pleading with me to let her try something. My mood was ‘this should be interesting’, and let her try whatever it was.

The clan decided to attack then. Whatever she did to me, I finally recognized her as my wife before becoming part of the clan. One of the clan went to kill her, and I caught him in mid air by the throat… Twisting it till it beheaded him.

Her winged clan blamed her for this. My clan blamed me, rightly so, for the death of my brother: The dude that survived the death of our sire with me. During this confusion, my former wife and I bit each other in a very “Underworld” move. During this, we changed into hybrids of both sides. I recognized her face as my real life life wife with black hair, she recognized something in me too after losing her wings.

The fight that went on around us, left us to our own devices. Wingless, she hopped on the back of a bike behind me. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She said “Burn It.” I Molotov Cocktailed the window of the building where the fighting was going on and rode off into the night.

Not a very happy ending since we were still pissy over everything, but we were together at least.

Funny thing, dreams.

They say dreams are a reflection of an alternate universe… or something. Actually, I’m not sure how that phrase got in my head. If that’s true… then an alternate universe me [squealy voice] got to dance with Billie Piper! [/squealy voice]

It was all so vividly weird. True facts bled through this dream, like Billie having a new baby, me being sick and hopped up on medication, things like that… but in the dream it was like the second season of the New Who had only just aired or something. David, Billie, and Camille were in the States promoting. Crew were there for Confidential filming. Going to hazard a guess that universe didn’t have as much Who fandom or something because people were milling about going meh or whatever when they saw them. Very sad. Another true life fact bled through, as I remembered Skids watching this through the internet. Odd things, dreams.

Anyway, it was night and at some club or pub I’ve never seen before. I was a nervous twit, with my wife being reassuring and stuff. Not sure how we came to be there, but it was like a contest was won. The cast were in an outside foyer when we came across them. David (with a day old scruff going) had just stood up and went to go get a drink or something and nearly bumped into me with a ‘Sorry’. The wife disappeared while I was listening to Camille answer some fan questions to one of the cameras.

While I was listening, I felt a hand grab mine and lead me back inside to the dance floor. Thinking it was the wife, I wasn’t bothered… then I saw who the hand belonged to and went all pittery pattery in my chest. Yes, I have a distinct crush on Billie. The dance was something I’m unfamiliar with, as it was some organized thing. We might’ve actually been in Britain now that I think on it. Accents were London-y. They put some sort of thin masks on everyone, and there were changing colours on them… which is when I started questioning the validity of being awake or not. The color changing included some neon like hair color changes.

Not going to go into details of what went through my mind while dancing with her, as it should be obvious… But afterwards while being led around by the wife, was when I squeaked out the above phrase: I danced with Billie Piper! And do you know what the woman I married said? “I know you did.” It struck me odd, and when I looked at her, she was mouthing ‘thank you’ to someone I didn’t see right off. Looking to where she was looking, I saw Billie looking back with a huge grin on her face. Apparently, the wife told Billie how much of a nervous twit I was, and she decided to take me to the dance floor. While looking at her, she looked at me and winked.

Being the total twit I am, I blushed and looked at the wife and told her flat out that she did that on purpose. And she looked back with batting eyelashes, “Who me?”

Which is when I woke up grinning like an idiot.

So, annnnyway. I’m sure in some Alternate Universe out there, there’s a Doctor Who Confidential going to air that shows how bad of a dancer I am. I can only hope they show me from the waist up. <_<

State of Affairs

Mood: Morose and Ambivalent
Listening To: University of CA Men’s Octet – Every Breath You Take

Well, I’m still here. Not much has changed in the home front, but I’ve taken a bit of a personal sabbatical from all things that I’ve been working on in writing, gaming, personal interactions, online roleplay, the whole schmeer. View full article »

My dog is dead

Found out this morning that she died last week. She’s been staying with a friend while we’re staying in a no pets apartment. She developed dysplasia and had to be put down.

Needless to say, I’m devastated.

The Neverending Search…

I need to rant a bit about doctors… but I wont.

Had some X-Rays done last Wednesday, and got the results last Friday. Nothing abnormal was found except in my left hand. Something about cysts. Was hoping they would show some degradation in my knees or fingers, but that wasn’t to be.

Still need to call the doc back about the cysts, and the blood work that was done.

Not feeling too hot. Will work on Rosewood later. Too bloody tired.

The Ten Doctors

In case you haven’t found this yet, check out The Ten Doctors – by Rich.

It’s a frikken awesome web comic. =)

Rosewood Update

– Series Information Update –

A bit of fun

See if you can figure out who said what, when Sam went all kerbluey in the TARDIS.

This is in Part Seven of A Leap Through Time.

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The joys of shopping in December

So, my wife’s computer needed a heart transplant. It had a heart attack last week, and let the blue genie out. It was a non happy happy joy joy moment for her. She’s as much of a geek as I am, and her addiction to her computer is as bad as mine.

Fry’s Electronics: The megastore of all things geek. A place so big, that if you don’t know what it is you need, your brain goes into vapor lock. View full article »


– Coming Soon –

New Blog

This blog is a new beginning for my writing endeavors.

The previous blog is at livejournal. Previous writings will be published here in their own pages, and will be linked to at the top of this blog.

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